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All-in-one solution
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Seamlessly combine CRM with your cloud phone system to manage Emails, Calls, and Text Messages from one easy-to-use interface. Utilize AI agents that are redefining CRM.

SavvyCo is redefining CRM

All-in-one solution for outreach, inbound call tracking, and sales automation


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Contact, Connect, Close

Stay in-touch with your clients via multiple channels



Every SavvyCo account comes with a built-in VoIP cloud phone system. You can also use SavvyCo with your regular cell phone, or another phone system.

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Track emails by contact instead of letting them get lost in your inbox. Use advanced email templates and sales automation.


Text Messaging

Convenient and converstational. We provide business texting service and get you up and running with 10DLC Brand Registration.

CRM Features

CRM for Sales Acceleration

Join the thousands of satisfied users. Take your sales to the next level. Our sales acceleration process is trusted by over 2,500 companies.

Lead Queue

Fresh leads are high-priority. SavvyCo groups them all in one place so the most valuable leads get priority response. Track how many calls have been made to each lead and when the next follow-up call is scheuduled.

Sales Pipeline & Hotlist

Track leads from contact to closing with a customizable sales pipeline. Get instant visibility into the sales pipeline for your entire sales team. The Hotlist lets you group leads that are likely to close soon.

Organize, Automate

Automate your follow-up process so that you're closing leads not chasing them. SavvyCo provides several ways to follow-up: Automatic Callback, SMS Reminders, and more. SavvyCo automatically rings your phone when it's time to call a prospect back.

Collaborate & Compete

SavvyCo works great for individuals and teams. Easily assign leads to the right team member. SavvyCo provides everything you need to be competitive.

Phone System Features:

Instant Connect
Call Routing
Call Recording
Ring Groups
Call Forwarding
Call Tracking
Voice Prompts
Mobile App (iOS)
IVR Menus
User Extensions